Wondering what breed my mixed pup could be?!

A neighbor gave kai to us when he was a 3 month pup before they moved away. They really had no information about him so we have no idea what breeds he could be! I would love to figure it out so if anyone has any guesses I would love to hear your thoughts. Kai has a reddish gold coat with a little white patch on his chest and a tiny bit of white around his mouth. His eyes seem to change from bluish-green, to greenish-yellow depending on how the light hits them. His ears are wild, most often the point out sideways curling under a bit. Other times, while playing or if he's more alert on walks he'll put one ear straighht up or up and to the side and the other flopped over forward, or sometimes both stand directly upward like a rabbit. His tail is longer and pretty strong at least as big as a quarter around. Kai's body is long and lean with a bigger chest and small waist. His legs are shorter and muscular and he has fully webbed toes. He is a awesome little dog and I couldn't be happier with him! Please let me know if you think you know what breeds he could be! Thank you in advance! :)

Asked by Kai on Nov 26th 2012 Tagged mix, mixed, breed, breeds, mutt, what in Breeds
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She looks like a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever/Dachshund mix. She could also have some Corgi mixed in with her.

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