wishing to breed my dane, cant find info. can you help? also would a fawn and blue boston go together?

she is a blue boston puppy i will breed her when she is 2 maybe a little older. the male is already 2 years old he is a fawn, i cant find any info on how to do it the RIGHT way, i plan to micro chip, have all the vet work done, the hips and blood work, the pups will have first maybe eve 2nd needles dewormed possiably microchiped, and the male gets 15 % there will be a no breeding contract as well,

Asked by Member 959232 on Feb 6th 2010 in Great Dane
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Well, at least you have some time to work on all this since it takes quite a while to learn all there is to know about becoming a responsible breeder. Go to the Great Dane Club of America website (you can find it at, and start reading. There will be links from there guiding you to more information you will need to know. Start going to dog shows and watch the dane judging so you can learn about showing, you will need to put some titles on your dog prior to breeding, and there you can meet some of the breeders and ask them some questions as well. This will help to find you a mentor who can guide you even further and evaluate your puppy as to her breeding worthiness and quality. If the male is already two he is old enough to have his OFA testing done as well as other testing required by the breed, so use the time to get that done as well. Good luck!

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You have quite a bit of research ahead of you. I have a website which is meant to be an introduction to responsible breeding, but it's just that--an introduction. It's *not* a how-to manual and it's not the only thing you'll need to read. It's in my signature below.
One thing you'll definitely need is a reputable mentor. You should be able to find one through the Great Dane Club of America:
(Assuming, of course, that you live in the United States.)

I'm know little of Dane colors, so can't help you there. But it is important to make sure that the dogs are a good match--that their strengths and weaknesses balance each other out.

My website is an *introduction* to the world of responsible dog breeding:
~Tiffany, breeder-in-training

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If you want info on breeding Danes, go to theses links: and To answer your question, NO, a blue boston is not supposed to be bred with a fawn. The color families are fawn /brindle, blue/black, and mantle/harlequin. A blue mantle/boston is a mismark from crossing the harle family into the blue family. If you have a blue boston with full registration, you definately got your puppy from a back yard breeder as no resposible breeder would sell an off color mismark with full registration. Considering most dogs that are bred by BYBers are sub quality, it is a safe bet that your dog is a pet quality and not a breeding quality. To breed your dog would mean you are producing more sub quality Danes. I mean no insult to you or your dog. Your dog is not less of a dane, and is an amazing pet, but breeding is more than just picking up any old pup and mating it to any old pup. It is a science and a profession. You wouldn't let anyone pick up a scalple & opperate???!!

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It cost alot to breed and you have to show them too.
Breeding is not all about colors and things like that. I suggest that you find a breeder that does this professionally and let them give you all the ins and outs of breeding and that it takes showing and many other things.
Alot of people just show dogs and have fun. Showing and or just doing sports like herding and or therapy work find that more rewarding then breeding. Think about all of the other suggestions out there instead of breeding.

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