will my min pin have socilazation problems becuase i cant take him out untill all the shots are finished he is 4 mo old

we have to wait 3 more weeks to get his final shots, Parvo is rampant here.

Asked by Member 1073954 on Nov 29th 2011 in Vaccinations
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Bruno CGC

I recommend reading the current AAHA vaccine guidelines. The chance of maternal antibodies blocking the vaccine from working are pretty much nil after 14 weeks, and they are usually gone by 12 or earlier. So even in a parvo-endemic area, keeping the puppy inside until 16 weeks is overkill and does more harm than good. Pups don't NEED 4 shots to insure immunity, they need ONE shot to "take" after maternal antibodies fade away, that's why you do a series.

I think the best thing to do for your pup is to sign up for a "puppy kindergarten" class in an indoor location with only vaccinated puppies. His chance of getting parvo there is very very low. You can also take him outside in places where you know that no dog with parvo has been (like fenced yards of people you know are careful.) You can also take him for car rides and carry him in your arms to let him experience the world.

Bruno CGC answered on Nov 29th.

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