Why would my dog bark and snarl at one dog but not others

I have a corgi/blue heeler mix that I adopted 6 months ago. When I walk my dog he gets excited at the sight of other dogs and tries to run towards them; I keep him on a short leash and have been working on "leave it" in hopes that he wouldn't be so excited by them with some success. He rarely growls at other dogs on leash, and only if they are very close and growl or bark at him. A new sharpei moved to the neighborhood and when my dog sees her, even from across the street, he lunges, growls, and snarls in a way that is completely out of character. The other dog has never behaved menacingly towards him, at least that I could tell. This morning, her owner yelled at me and said my dog was a menace. He really is a good dog and I do my best to be a responsible dog walker; I keep him on a short leash by my side and I'm working hard to train him. I don't know why he hates this dog though and it is really worrisome to me. Any ideas?

Asked by Member 1148682 on Jan 7th 2013 Tagged onleashaggression in Aggression
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Maybe he is just particular? I am sure you like some people and not others.

Walk at different times or in a different area than that dog.
Learn an emergency U-turn. (kikopup on youtube has a video)
Could try look at that with treats.
Could try watch me with his back to the dog and tasty treats.
You could enroll him in a growl/ reactivity class.
Another suggestion is to look at Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) by Grisha Steward

Best of Luck!

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