why would a dog throw up undigested food after 8 hours?

My 11 year old Rottweiler has been having episodes of throwing up and diarhea. She has plenty of energy and appetite. Yesterday I fed between 9:30 and 10AM. She had mac'n'cheese mixed with her normal lamb&rice dog food to maybe help 'hold' her together. At 6 last night she threw up whole pieces of pasta and dog food. I do have a Vet appt. Any suggestions til then?

Asked by Member 789031 on Jan 8th 2009 Tagged vomit, diarhea in Health & Wellness
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A) Dont feed your dog Macaroni and Cheese!!! Human foods, or rich foods will sometimes make the dog have diarrhea or throw up in the first place!! If you want to *add* something to the food, you can add yogurt or pumpkin is a very good healthy dog ingredient known for "holding things together."

The BEST thing to do when a dog has diarrhea is to WITHOLD the dogs food for 24 hours. You can replace a meal with a bit of yogurt to help coat and soothe the tummy but no more food! Just remember, what goes in is gonna come out!! You can give your dog immodium as well. For a Rottie, 1 pill should do the trick per day if needed. The dogs stool may be darker in color than usual from the immodium. If the diarrhea and vomitting persist after 2 days, you should consult a vet.

She may have eaten something that is blocking or stuck in her tummy, this happens alot when dogs eat bones.

In the meantime, make sure your dog is still DRINKING plenty to offset the loss of fluids.

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