Why won't my puppy poop outside..?

My 13 week old Yorkie puppy won't poop outside. She has no problem peeing outside and we never does it in the house. But as soon as we come back inside she goes to the bathroom and poops ( at least it's the bathroom right..? Lol) it doesn't matter how long we go for a walk or we are outside 10,20,45 minutes she will bring her business right back inside. I wanna say she gets to excited when she's outside and doesn't think about it and the second she comes inside she remembers. But still. Does anyone no how to correct the problem. Maybe put some Cheerios in the yard.? Lol I'm open for anything

Asked by Member 1151153 on Jan 21st 2013 Tagged bathroom, potty, pottytraining in House Soiling
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Congrats on your pup & for being halfway there. :)
To encourage pooping outside, leash her & take her to the same spot every time. Give a poop cue, & wait. If she poops..celebrate. Treat her, praise her. Then a little play time, or back inside and some free/play time.
No poop? Bring her back inside & keep her tethered to you. As soon as she starts to squat, give a verbal interrupter, scoop her up & back to the poop spot. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Are you crate training? A 13 week old puppy should not have free run of the house until she is fully potty trained. Crate her or tether her to you so you always know where she is & what she is doing.

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Crate training and reward-based training when she finally does her business outside. Sometimes it takes a puppy upwards of 5 months of age to become properly house trained. Puppies at 13 weeks cannot hold their bladders or bowels for very long, so you have to be committed to taking her outside right after every meal and every few hours. If she doesn't do her business outside, bring her in and put her in the crate for half an hour to an hour. Then bring her back out and try again. Keep repeating until she goes, and make sure you reward her for doing it outside. It will take time and commitment but dog needs it. You might feel guilty about leaving her in there, but don't feel bad. As soon as she relieves herself outside, reward with a treat and indoor playtime. The key is getting her to associate the outdoors with the bathroom. Also try walking her with another trained dog so she can learn from them.

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