Why won't my dog sleep with me anymore?

I know it's a selfish question, but for the last 11 years my dog has always slept in bed with me. We have our own little ritual each night...we both find that comfy spot and we both let out a big sigh before falling asleep. I know, bring on the laughter...

Lately, he'll sleep on the floor next to the bed. Sometimes he'll cuddle up next to me, but within minutes he'll raise his head and start panting, then get down and find a place on the floor.

I even lowered my bed, thinking that maybe it was becoming to difficult for him to jump up due to his age and the fact that he has 3 legs. Apparently, that isn't the case.

Anybody know what's up with the sudden change? Thanks!

Asked by Sumiko on Dec 19th 2009 Tagged bed, sleeping, floor, notwithme in Other Behavior & Training
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♥ Sampson ♥

Well the panting sounds like he might be a little hot. Sampson gets hot in his kennel so we have a little fan next to him. Maybe point a fan in the direction Sumiko is sleeping? Maybe he just thinks you are the alpha and does not want to make an alpha move and make you mad.... Not sure but hope that helped!

♥ Sampson ♥ answered on Dec 21st.

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