Why my male poodle tear off the potty pad at the spot he pee?

My 1 year old male poodle been able to potty properly on the potty pads last week. Then on Sunday, I take him outside to play and for him to exercise. After that, he start to do it everywhere and even he do it on potty pads, he tear it off on the spot where he pee. Besides, He only eat half of the amount he usually eat for the biscuits. I try to give it with milk, he just finish the milk and leave the biscuits. what can I do to train it back?

Asked by Member 1114122 on Jun 4th 2012 Tagged potty in House Soiling
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watch him like a hawk as soon as he pees on the pads remove the pad an put a new one down; especially since dogs can't digest plastic. also keep him on leash in the house and when you can't watch him corner him off in a room where he is safe to have accidents.
the key is to buy an enzyme cleaner and clean all your floors carpet/vinal/gravel etc so that it removes the smell of pee or poo that is left by cleaning with regular cleaner. you can get a bottle for $10 at walmart pet isle its called "out" and its the purple label.
this should ensure that your dog stays properly trained.
monitor water/food intake to help you get your dog on schedule. your job is to eliminate accident as such will put back your potty training and teach your dog bad habits.

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