why isn't my yorkie's coat soft and shiny?

my friend and i both have a dog of the same breed: yorkie. my friend's dog's coat is so soft and shiny but i take care of my dog just the same! i asked her what the shampoo she used but she doesnt even know.
can anyone recommend a shampoo and conditioner brand that is really good? ( i use Earthbath) and can anyone give my some grooming pointers?

Asked by Member 784580 on Dec 29th 2008 Tagged grooming, yorkshireterrier, bath, bathproducts in Products & Tools
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Well unfortunately shampoo and conditioner are not always the answer. Even if you are grooming your dogs the same, not every dog is going to react the same to different products, so you have to personalize things for your dog. What do you feed your Yorkie? If you are not feeding a high quality food, this is probably the reason his coat is not soft and shiny - coat condition comes from the inside, and typically poor coats are the result of poor diets. Discuss with your vet what food he/she thinks may be good for your dog - as far as kibble goes, I feed Solid Gold - they are many different high quality foods that you can feed your dog, so make sure the ingredients will be suitable for yours. Also, how often are you bathing your dog? Dogs only need a bath once every three to four weeks - I bathe mine once a month unless they are showing or absolutely NEED a bath for some reason. Make sure you are brushing your Yorkie daily - this will get rid of any dead hair, which could make his coat seem dull and will make him shed less. You may want to try using an oatmeal shampoo - there is a very good one that you can get at Petsmart and it comes with a conditioner as well (I am drawing a blank and cannot think of the name). The oatmeal shampoo keeps more of their natural oils in their skin and keeps their coat looking healthier because it doesn't get dried out. I would assess your dog's diet first to make sure he is getting the nutrients he needs to produce a healthy, silky coat. Please message me if you have any other questions. Best of luck.

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Maybe it is not the shampoo. Check what kind of food she feeds. if you like, you can give your dog raw eggs to improve the shine of her coat!

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I agree with Sergeant. It may not be the shampoo and conditioner. Your dog may also have a skin problem, or infection. He/she could also have an allergic reaction to the shampoo, conditioner, wipes (if you use them on her), you might give her a bath too often which can dry out her coat, or the food you are feeding her. Try Groomax Itch Relief Shampoo. Google it, or go on Petsmart or Hope this helps!

Jet answered on 12/30/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


When I first got my girl Yorkie her hair was a bit brittle and dry. It had no luster. I started giving her a product called Dream Coat. Its a food supplement. Its for healthy skin and coat. I also shampoo them with Naturally Green Tropiclean Luxury 2 in 1 shampoo. Really great all natural shampoo with delicious scents. Hope that works. My too shine like new money

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Royal Bentley Deeogee

Remember no two yorkies are alike. I use to breed them and my daughter ownes two and I am a groomer.If his hair is dull give him fatty acids in his diet. What are you feeding him? I use Natural Balance fish formula and give them a spoonful of vanilla or plain yogurt every night. Go to for all your medical advice run by vets. Always use a dog shampoo and rinse rinse rinse. Use cooler rather than hot very warm waterr. Don't over bath. Dry the dog with a cool setting and not hot or warm. At the Westminister Dog Show in NYC that I attend every year I ask the top Yorie Breeders in the country what conditioner they use. Lots use PANTENE smooth and silky conditioner . You must use dog shampoo but the condition is okay. I use it on all my dogs. Lots of the long hair breeders use it. I also would recommend that you use BIO GROOM mink oil when combing his hair every day. Don't ever comb or brush a dog without using a conditioner or water. It will break the hair & make it brittle

Royal Bentley Deeogee answered on 1/8/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Durrer's She's Like A Flower

I show yorkies as well as rescue yorkies. My family has been involved with yorkies my entire life (over 30 years). I sell products used by show groomers and handlers - and I'll recommend something for you to try in a moment, but before I go there I need to explain a little bit about yorkie coats more generally:

The yorkie breed standard calls for a dog with what is known as a "pure silk coat." A pure silk coat is the kind of hair you see on human hair models - think of a pantene commercial with a woman with perfectly straight shiny hair blowing in the wind. This kind of coat feels "cool" to the touch. If you run the back of your hand down a pure silk coat, it will actually feel silky. You can often tell if a yorkie has a pure silk coat because when you shine a light into their eyes, the glow that comes back is green/blue. Whereas the dogs with an incorrect coat texture (I'll get to that in a minute) will shine red.

With yorkies coat color and coat texture go kinda hand in han

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