Why is our dog suddenly spotting in the house?

We recently moved into a new house. Before now, our 4-year-old Beagle did not spot in the house. Now, in our new house he CONSTANTLY spots in one room of the house. There were pet stains in this room when we first moved in, but we immediately removed the carpet, left carpet out for 2 months, then replaced the pad and carpet. He now spots on the new carpet. Any ideas as to why and how to make him stop?

Asked by Cooper on Apr 21st 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Sounds like you did not remove the scent entirely. You need to use an enzyme based cleaner (my favourite is Nature's Miracle) to totally remove the odor. We can't smell it, but your dog must. Some people have had success with white vinegar as well.
Do NOT use a cleaner with Pine-sol.
Once you know the scent is gone, then use basic house training techniques. Tether, crate, supervise closely.. & get him outside as soon as he starts to mark.
Good luck

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If there was a dog there before then your dog is really making sure that he is marking his territory. Perhaps there are only 2 options; one, speak to a behavioural expert - your dog could be fretting for old place or feels insecure,as well as still being able to smell the odour of the previous dog.Our previous dog passed away from cancer and used to throw up in one of the bedrooms. When we brought our new dog home, he would do his business on the very part of the carpet where our other dog had thrown up on. We ended up closing the door and he was barred from that room. When we moved, I had timber floor laid down before we moved in and he has never done anything inside the new place. He won't even do it on the balcony or courtyard;he waits until I take him outside the gate to the trees or over on the grass.We've been here 2 years and he is an 8 1/2 years old Jack Russel/Beagle/Dachhund.

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