Why is my toy poodle barcking?

My toy poodle, (Romeo) never bark's but now at 9 mt. he started barking. He is 10 mt. now and he barks at everything.But he stop barking after around 1 min. It is really loud. And he sound's very big and scares some people (that knock's at the door). But only around the yard and in the house.But he is not aggressive,just barks a lot. Why does he do that? I know that small breed's tend to be yappy,but i need more info.

Asked by Romeo on Oct 28th 2011 Tagged toy, poodle, toypoodle, romeo, barking, yappy, aggressive, door, house, info, smalldog, andbreeds in Barking
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Bruno CGC

Most puppies start to bark more as they mature and develop their territorial instinct (barking to warn away intruders and protect their home). Also, puppies go through several "fear periods" as they mature and will act scared of things that never bothered them before. (This can manifest as barking at random things.) It goes away if you don't reinforce it.

I don't honestly think small breeds bark more than large ones, but the "yapping" is more irritating than low-pitched barking so people pay more attention to it. Also, small dogs often are not as well trained and socialized as big ones because they are easy to manage without training and can't do as much damage.

Bruno CGC answered on 10/28/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Small dogs are only yappy if they are allowed to be!!!
When my toy poodles and other toy dogs first start barking, usually around 6 or 7 months, I teach them that a single warning bark is perfectly fine but any continued barking is not. I do this by acknowledging what they are barking at and then rewarding when they do not bark any longer.
There is no way, no how I could live with all these small dogs if they were constantly yapping at everything they see or hear. Now they will bark once if someone knocks at the door, then immediately go to their beds to wait for the release to go visit my guests as they were taught.
Once the older ones learn, they tend to teach the younger ones by example, which is nice!

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