Why is my rescue licking herself raw and is there a natural or over the counter remedy?

My rescue pup has been licking herself, specifically her leg, ever since she was groomed a few weeks ago. She has always licked, but not this obsessively. It's kind of a chicken/egg situation because her leg/fur is a redish brown color and I dont know if it was like that and thats why she is licking it---OR if it looks like that BECAUSE she's licking it. She's a schnoodle---if that means anything.

Theres no bump or swelling, no visible cut or sting. She gets allergies sometimes, but nothing severe...I thought it could be fungal (ringworm) because that is the color/shape is is...but my other dog hasn't gotten it, neither have i and there is no raised edge around the area.

What could this be?! Shes licking non stop..and is there anything natural I can put on it. I take my dogs to the vet when needed, but I would like to avoid an expensive visit if I can just get some topical cream that works well...???

Asked by Member 1185141 on Aug 11th 2013 Tagged licking, skin, sick, allergies, fungal, leg in Skin Problems
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Tasha (in memory)

First, get some Dermasol (or a product like it) and treat/clean the area. Then, spay a spritz of bitter apple on the area. It is a taste deterrent that you can buy and tastes G-d awful... I once kissed a dog who had some on and I was spitting for 1/2 hour, so I know from experience that it works. If the area does not get better within two weeks, make a vet appointment. Make sure your treats that you are feeding are healthy too... like Nutro pomegranate/chicken crunchies! ^_^

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