Why is my puppy so itchy his stomach is dry and red he keeps itching it, and his mom keeps licking it, he just got the p

Arvo and distemper shots and mom keep lickin it which is making it worse he is a 9.5 week old beagle

Asked by Member 980431 on Apr 12th 2010 Tagged itchypuppybeaglecute in Puppies
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Looks like the rest of your question got cut off, but itchy, red skin can be caused by numerous things. Food, allergic reaction, rubbing in something pokey, etc. When dogs lick it, it can make the redness worse or cause hot spots to form. A couple fantastic products you can use are PETfection Paw Cream and Hot Spots/Wound Spray. Both are 100% Organic and Non-Toxic so you can apply them as often as needed. (safe for puppies). They will both reduce inflammation, stop the itchiness, heal any cuts/scratches/bumps/rashes/etc, and they both have antibacterial properties to block out infection. It is up to you if you would rather use a cream or spray. I highly recommend them! You can check them both at at Good luck!

Petri answered on Apr 13th.

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