Why is my moms chihuahua always making high pitch snorting noises?

My mom is pretty ignorant when it comes to our dogs. She feeds them things that are harmful to them or will make sick. I tell her that the stuff she feeds them is harmful to them and she just insists that "it's good for them!" even when they get sick as hell. Anyway my main question is why is my moms chihuahua always making high pitched snorting noises? My mom says it's his way of talking to her... Her ignorance absolutely pisses me the hell off. Can someone please post something proving her wrong? She is so stubborn and a little crazy. She thinks she Can talk to her dogs and they understand her word for word and the chihuahua inpeticular responds by making these high pitch snorting noises.....that is so stupid...he always makes the noises when he is happy, sad, alone, or with people. I really need someone to help me convince her that something is probably wrong with his lungs/etc.

Asked by Member 1166109 on Apr 19th 2013 Tagged breathing, problems, ignorant, crazy, mother in Allergies
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