Why is my formerly house trained dog now refusing to potty outside after being sick?

My Boston Terrior was recently very ill. He spent a week in the vet for what they think was antifreeze poisoning. Since he's been home he refuses to potty outside. We take him out often, and it doesn't matter how long we stay outside, he will wait until we come back inside and then do his business. He has been home for four days and has only gone outside twice, and then he just peed. It's not like training a puppy because they are usually willing to go outside as long as you get them out enough. He just absolutely won't do it. He also acts like he is afraid to get on the grass now. He used to love to be outside. Does anyone know how to make him start going outside again? Thank you so much....

Asked by Spoon on Apr 26th 2008 Tagged formerlytrained in House Soiling
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Sorry to hear that Spoon has been refusing to go potty outside. When we have relapses on potty training we start over with the going outside regularly about every 2 hours works for Angus & Lily. We bring treats and walk them until they go (the waiting for them to go takes a lot of patience on our part:) )and praise and treat enthusiastically. It usually resolves pretty quickly.

At the vets he may have gone inside while he was so sick and gotten used to that. Hope he does better soon!

Angus answered on 4/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Poor little guy! I'd just take a few days over the weekend or when you have a lot of time to supervise him and be sure he doesn't have the opportunity to go inside.

I'd hold him or keep him on a leash the whole time he's in the house, which should prevent him from having accidents or at least allow you to catch and correct him if he tries.

Be sure you give him a ton of praise for going outside. You might also try taking him outside to play with his toys, etc., so he remembers that it's fun to be outside.

Good luck!

Member 512988 answered on 5/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer