Sheba (RIP, Beautiful One)

Why is my dog urinating on the floor every night?

For the past month, Sheba has been urinating on the kitchen floor every night, and over the past week, she has started doing it in another room, on the carpet, as well. I took her to the vet, and her bladder and kidney tests came back fine, so this is obviously behavioral. I've tried taking her out more, and right before bed, but it continues. Sometimes it happens after I've been in bed for only 4-5 hours, and she can go far longer than that without an accident during the day. Help! I have tried everything, including scrubbing the floor with Nature's Remedy. For the past three nights, I have scolded her and put her outside, even though I haven't caught her doing it, because nothing else has worked. That hasn't helped either. Why???

Asked by Sheba (RIP, Beautiful One) on Nov 14th 2007 Tagged urinating, housesoiling in House Soiling
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I would suggest going for a second opinion from another veterinarian - just to make absolutely sure there is no physical reason Sheba keeps peeing on the floor.

Once that checks out fine, I would give some thought to anything that may have changed in your home that might cause her to regress in her potty training. It's not that uncommon for dogs to regress if there are changes in the house - even if they seem very subtle to the humans (moving furniture, for example).

I would then treat it as if she has never been potty trained before. Go back to the basics by setting up a strict schedule and confining her to a specific area or - even better - a crate when you're not there to actively supervise (such as when you're sleeping).

Obviously, scolding her and putting her outside if you haven't caught her in the act teaches her nothing. She doesn't know why she is being scolded and put outside. Dogs only really understand scolding if it happens when they're caught in the act.

Abby answered on 11/14/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Kita Teak and Buddy-(Fella)

Hello Sheba. As I see others are advising eaxctly as I would regarding crating and back to the very basics of house training. Try this simple routine. Get your oldest T-shirt out of the never ever wear pile and use it to wipe up the next sample prety Sheba leaves you. Then take this well scented article to the furthest corner of your yard and stake it to the ground with a nail or what ever you have to hold it in place. Now your Sheba should be taken to this location on leash and praised lavishly as she relieves herself in this location. In my own experience two weeks of this firmly astablishes the correct behaviour. As you know by now shaming the pooch after the sin is entirely counter productive and does little more than diminish the trust you have earned. On that note: the element of suprise is a powerful training aid. If you think you can catch her at it and then verbaly chalange her as you move swiftly taking her by the collar and directing her to that stake. Good luck to you both!

Kita Teak and Buddy-(Fella) answered on 11/16/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer