Why is my dog so skinny??

My dog is really skinny but doesn't have worms or anything. we feed her at least twice a day and more if needed, but she hardly eats. at first we thought it might be the food, but we have tried a lot of kinds, and she just won't eat. SHE IS ONLY THREE YEARS OLD!!!! What could be her problem? Please help.

Asked by Angel on Oct 9th 2007 in Other Health & Wellness
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A dog that won't eat AND is not a healthy weight needs a trip to the vet.

Since you said she doesn't have worms, I'm assuming she's been to the vet recently to confirm this.

Regardless, if the vet thinks she's okay, I think you should still pursue the problem further, ESPECIALLY if this isn't something that you've dealt with before with her.

Honestly, this problem could be due to anything from finicky eating to allergies, to an ulcer cancer, and everything in between.

As a basic rule, dogs that aren't eating have something going on.

Unlike people, dogs are really meant to eat every meal they get, when they are fed the right amount.

Without fail, a dog who isn't eating on a regular basis has something wrong with it.

Again, it could be basic and easily solved; we had a dog who had a foxtail behind his gumline and it took us about a week to figure it out, even though the vet looked in his mouth.

Go to the vet and have a thorough exam, with blood tests.

Jack answered on 10/9/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer