Why is my dog nibbling at everything all of a sudden like eating corn on the cob?

Hello my dog is about 7 years old so he is not puppy. All of a sudden he, I guess, picked up a habbit, from where I don't know. He is a chow-spitzer mix he has always been well behaved, and I have been with his owner for 4 years, and now he started this nibbling thing on us, at first it was cute but than it started progressing he nibbles on everything (not bitting), on himself on us the sheets and now I noticed when i put my undergarments (bra/ socks) at the end of the bed he starts i guess bitting/nibbling the items to rip them up, and it is getting very anoying. I want to know how to ry and stop him from doing this and how and why did his all start.

Asked by Member 776260 on Dec 4th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Odd for a mature dog. Have you changed his diet, causing him to satisfy a nutritional lack - most common is fiber - causes pups to chew on paper/wood/cloth, etc?

Begin with a Vet check-up, to be sure there are no medical problems with teeth, diet, etc. Explain and see what the Vet suggests.

If medical reasons are ruled out, try this training method that is VERY effective for all types of unwanted behavior (jumping/barking/destruction, etc). Most important! - it should ONLY be used when your dog is "caught in the act"!

Choose an uncommon word or phrase, like 'bazooka' or 'poppycock', and the instant your dog exhibits bad bahavior, say this word, and then lead him by collar or scruff into bedroom or bath, and shut the door. Wait 2 minutes, and let him out with no comment.

Animal instinct will teach the dog that his bad behavior results in separation from his pack. A stubborn dog may need one repeat.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Gilligan answered on 12/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


im having about the same problem like you. my dog bandit is a beagle/redbone coonhound mix and he is 8 months old. i finally got him house trained in between 6-7 months(i got him at 6months). now he has been going around the house finding stuf and shreds it to peices. he has chewed,my moms bra,my bra,2 of my lil isters bra,and my older sisters bra. thats not inluding the uderwear and the high heels/other shoes. ive tried about everything to make him stop,including time out. im out of options and i cant take it anymore of him chewing stuff up because it costs alot of money to replace it. can you tell me if you have done anything to help stop your dog? i would greatly appreciate it. thanks and god bless

Bandit answered on 1/22/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer