Why is my dog aggressive to other dogs at the building entrance and on the elevator and how do I stop it?

I adopted my Westie at 10 months old, and at the time he was very friendly, but sometimes fearful of other dogs. Over the past two years (he is now 3yr. old), he has grown aggressive to other dogs on or near our building's elevator and at the entrance to the building. He is occasionally aggressive with dogs further away from the building, but much less frequently.

I have taken him to two different 6 week training classes where he has learned basic obedience. I attempt to prevent his aggressive episodes by trying to avoid other dogs and redirect his attention. I also tell him to stop and try to calm him down, but nothing seems to work. After a few close calls, I have started to put a muzzle on him just when near the building entrance and on the elevator, but I don't think this is a long term solution.

I don't think I can afford an animal behaviorist or a 1x1 trainer though. Please give me any and all suggestions you may have.

Asked by Riley on Aug 8th 2013 Tagged aggression, muzzle in Aggression
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