Why is my dog acting distant during her heat cycle?

My dog is 2 years old and going into her 3rd week of her heat cycle and her behavior is more distant towards myself. If I come near her she begins shaking or doesn't listen to my commands. This is very odd behavior for her, she is usually obedient and very friendly. I'm wondering if this is her hormones reacting, because when she is around my male friends she is full of life. I have not taken her to the vet either.

Asked by Member 1142548 on Nov 27th 2012 Tagged heat, female, pitbull, mut in Other Behavior & Training
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Are you a man? Woman? If you're a woman, you probably have a pretty good idea why your dog (bitch, really) is distant!

While dogs certainly have a very different mental experience to humans, we likely both experience hormones in a similar way. Your bitch is probably very distracted right now, either with discomfort or with the need to couple. If you're sure her behavior is tied to her heat-- meaning you can find no other physical issues with her-- then you should probably just wait it out before you become concerned. Of course, you can take her to a vet and be sure, as she may be having another problem which is unrelated to the heat.

That being said, your bitch is now 2 years old and done growing. If she's having a issues going through heats, and *especially* if you have no plans to breed her, is there a reason you don't have her spayed? It will resolve the heat issue, making both of you more happy, and will prevent unwanted puppies and stabilize her behavior.

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