Why does our dog poop in his kennel?

Our 8 month old puppy is having major issues house training. He has gone to puppy classes and we are getting no where. If he has to poop he will go to his kennel, which is just big enough for him to lay down in, and poop. He then gets it all over him. He will lay in it and it doesn't bother him. He also urinates on himself anytime he is left in the kennel. We take him out before we put him in it and he still does it. He has no access to water or food while in the kennel. He does have separation issues but he is doing the pooping while we are home. He is not free fed. I just don't know what else to do and we are ready to get rid of him if we can't solve the issue.

Asked by Member 851111 on Jul 2nd 2009 in House Soiling
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Is he on a regular poop schedule? By that I mean, do you walk him in the morning and evening when most dogs do their business? If you are walking him and he isn't pooping, walk him a little longer or start the walk a little earlier so you give him time to go. Or when you're home, keep him on a leash and keep an eye on him. If he heads to his crate, then walk outside with him and if he goes to the bathroom, lots and lots of praise.
You're probably going to have to really keep an eye on him while he's in the house, which means that you should have him leashed to you so he can't escape and go in his crate.
Whatever you do, don't raise your voice or show any anger when he does go inside. You would just be adding to any anxiety the dog may have and you'll make it more difficult for the dog to catch on to what you want. Plus, you need to be consistent with every thing you do with him. Walk him at the same time every day, that way he'll get into the routine of going when he's out on his walk

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Please don't get rid of him - this is fix-able!
It sounds to me like your dog came from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder who kept his mom caged 24/7, no ability to keep her pups' environment clean. He may have seen her eating the pups' poop to try to minimize the filth, but the bottom line is that he has no problem lying in his own waste.

So - the quickest solution is to hire a behaviorist/trainer who uses humane methods and can teach you how to reinforce what he's learned. Here is a link to my trainer's website, where you can find an article on selecting a reputable trainer:

On the left, you'll also see a link to Housetraining, which will help. Not much room left, but here are some tips:
* Make sure he gets enough exercise.
* Don't rub his nose in it or scold (he might start hiding his poop in the house to avoid scolding)
* Praise him for going outside
* Stay outside and play his favorite game AFTER he goes

Good luck!

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Both of the first two answers are all great advice and I would follow all of that.
He needs a regular routine, every time every day. I had a male do this at that age.
Puppy hood takes sometimes SSOOOO much time and energy. But, in the end when it is over you just don't think about it because the dog starts maturing and turns into such a great dog. So, no, don't give up. It is almost over.
But, when a dog is in his crate for hours he is bound to have to go. Young dogs need to go outside during work hours more than one time in the morning and when you come home. It is unrealistic to expect them to not go all day.
Hang in there. The separation anxiety also causes the system to want to elimate itself more frequently.
Try to get someone to come over around noon while you are gone and walk him.
Pay them 20 dollars or so a week to do it, plenty of responsible kids out of school right now:)

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