Why does our 2 month old Schnauzer puppy growl at us?


Our Miniature Schnauzer puppy is 2 months old. When he wants to go down stairs or get up on the couch, he jumps up at us and barks. I assume this means he wants help. When we pick him up to help him, he growls at us. If we leave him on the ground and do not help him, he cries and whines. We are careful with him...supporting his body and legs. He is not dangling in mid air. Is he going to be a mean dog???

We have a one year old Mini Schnauzer who loves to be held and carried around. I understand that all dogs are different and I dont expect him to be just like our other dog. It just worries me that he is growling at us at such a young age.

Any ideas?

Asked by Salem on Jul 8th 2008 Tagged puppygrowling, schnauzer in Aggression
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WeeDreemz Happy Hobgoblin

No, he`s just a Brat right now, but the growling is showing dominance that needs to be squelched ASAP or it will escellate. I suggest that you enroll him in local puppy classes right away. And everyone in the family do the exercises with him. That way, all people in the house are pack leaders and he`ll learn to mind everyone. Classes will teach you how to redirect and correct behavior problems first hand. They will help with others as they crop up too. Also before you ask- No he isn`t too young to start classes with ; ) Classes can help far better than we can because they can watch the two of you interact and we can`t. Even tho we are happy to try to help you as best we can, they can help quicker and more completely. Ask your vet if they know any good trainers.
Good luck to you both,
Cheers *HOBBS* ^..^

WeeDreemz Happy Hobgoblin answered on Jul 8th.

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If you respond to his barks or growls positively (i.e. picking him up) they will continue because that is what he learned is his best form of communication (it works for some people) but if it bothers you do not give in to it. If you don't mind the barking but you do mind the growling then put him down when you pick him up and he growls. He will soon learn that his growling is prompting you to put him back down and will stop it. Don't worry he won't be a mean dog if you train him. Training will stimulate his mind and he will be happy you have a great new way to communicate.

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it like you kids backtalking you, so yes you need to make him stop asap find some kind of punishment but please no kind of hiting not to say you would but it could make it worse!

tessa answered on 7/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

~Emma~ RL1

google N.I.L.I.F.

Nothing In Life Is Free....

Don't give him negative feedback, he might become timid or reactive. When you set him down, let him whine, he's ok. You're ok.

OmD, he is soooo cute, too.

~Emma~ RL1 answered on 7/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer