Why does my yorkie run out every time someone opens the door?

My Yorkie runs out whenever the door is opened. She will wait right outside until you chase her and then she takes off. She attacks and chases everyone near her when she is out. She won't come when I call her. She is so fast that it is impossible to catch her. If you go inside and wait for her to return, she will come to the door and take off again when you open it to let her in.
How do I stop this and why is she doing this?

Asked by Member 665314 on Aug 1st 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Your dog is doing this because you have let her, and she is now playing a game with you, and for her it is quite fun! The best way to remedy this is the leash. Keep her on the leash when you are opening the door. If she tries to run off, pull her back, and tell her 'no' and make her lie down at the door. She will probably test you a few times, but keep repeating. When she has mastered this, you can begin to go through the door and making her stay in the house. When she does stay, you can then proceed to call her to you and she can go through the door. You MUST reward her, whether it is with treats or praise, but you have to let her know that she gets rewarded when YOU tell her what to do and she listens! Terriers are very intelligent, and she really should pick it up very quickly. She bascially is doing what she wants, and you have never stopped her before, so she thinks she can get away with it. Keep practicing with the leash on her, and eventually she will do it on her own.

Sergeant answered on 8/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer