Why does my puppy eat the cat's food even if there is still food in his bowl?

Both puppy and cat eat the same homemade food. Regardless of the quantity and who gets served first, our puppy always rushes to see and eat the contents of our cat's dish, be it before, while or after eating his own food. Our puppy was given to us by our next-door neighbor while the cat is an adult stray that we started feeding a few weeks before the puppy came along. Being a roaming cat, he must have encountered the puppies a long time ago. I am not sure of what relationship they may have formed prior to living with us, or if it has any bearing at all.

Asked by Member 1022733 on Feb 10th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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I would suspect the dog is eating the cat's food to keep it away from the cat.
However, I was concerned when you said they both ate the same homemade food. The requirements for dogs and cats vary greaty, notably in that cats require additional taurine since their bodies do not produce it while dogs can and do. Taurine is critically important for a cat's heart health... a number of years ago peoples cats fed a certain commerical diet were dying of heart problems and it was discovered the food was lacking taurine. I would maybe suggest you post over in the catster area and get some suggestions as to how to make sure this kitty is getting enough taurine.
As for your original question... I feed my cat in a separate room from the dogs so I know each one gets what they are supposed to and in the correct amounts.
Good luck!

Member 641257 answered on 2/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with Toto. If your cat and dog are eating the exact same food, that's not a good thing! Do some research about cat and dog nutrition and get some help in making sure everyone's needs are being met. Good for you for feeding homemade, though!

Anyways, the best way to prevent puppy from eating kitty's food is to keep it out of his reach. Kitties can be picky eaters, and may be more interested in grazing on their food throughout the day, so she may want to eat it later rather than when you're putting the food out. It's best to just put it in a spot when only she can get to it.

Puppy may just be curious about what's the in the other bowl that's not his. Two dogs are the same way; if you feed the same dog food to both dogs, sometimes they'll go to the other dish to eat their sibling's food. They always want what the other one has. bol!

Rylee answered on 2/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Roxy Rapheal

Ah not only is the kitty likely missing out on nutritional needs eating the exact same home made diet as the puppy but know that if you are feeding any dog 100% home cooked meals, you MUST be supplementing with the right amount of Calcium.
Be sure to talk with your Vet or an animal nutritionist before administering as it is way too easy and most dangerous to over dose as well as under dose.
Just don't go buy calcium and start giving it to your dog! The amounts and the ratio to phosphorus need to be absolutely correct!
The only way around this is to make sure that your dog is eating at least 50% of a premium kibble. If a puppy, be sure he is getting a puppy formula. Puppies nutritional needs are different than an adult dog.

As for the dog eating the cats food, perhaps he is just a hungry pup or is trying to dominate the cat.
Why not just feed them at opposite ends of the room or feed at different times and keep the dog away. Train the dog that the cats food dish is off limits.

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