Why does my female Chihuahua grab my other Chihuahuas by the back of the neck every time they squeal? She does not appea

My female Chihuahua grabs and holds my other Chihuahuas by the back of the neck EVERY time one squeals. She does not appear to be trying to hurtr them, but I heave to prey her jaws open to make her turn them loose. I am bebroken my skin on her teeth trying to malgre her leer them go.side myself with this problem. Please help She has never broken the skin in them yet, but I have broken my skin on her teeth trying to make heer let them go.

Asked by Member 1155920 on Feb 18th 2013 in Aggression
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She is being the mom, this is what happens when bitches have babies and then they squeal and she grabs their neckes with her mouth and shakes a little or moves them while they are new borns to correct their beahviour, she thinks she is the mom of your other dog! You got to make her understand she ain't the mom anymore, and you are the alpha, and your other dog is an equal. She is VERY SORRY accidently broke your skin, in her mind she was just thinking doing her responsibility to train the pup which is your other dog. when she breaks your skin you much give her a reaction, a calm one not to scare her, by say ouch that hurt.

So I assume your dog is a pup and when the squeal stops as they usually dog when pups turn into dogs, the behavior will stop as there are no more crying pups needing her care.

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