why does my dog snap teeth together when excited?

When my dog is excited, he snaps his teeth together. He licks his lips and goes chomp! Not on anything or anyone, just clicking (chomping) his teeth. Often he will do this when we are working on the "roll over" command. He will do this for the first command or two, then he will obey. (Though he may not care to roll over on command, he will do it on his own if he think he will get a treat for it.) He is a black lab-ish looking dog with a curly tail, if that makes any difference.

Asked by Member 728847 on Sep 5th 2008 Tagged excited, snap, chomp, teeth in Other Behavior & Training
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Angel Roman

I don't know why your dog chomp's his teeth. But it may just be a form of communication for him. I used to chomp my teeth toghether when I wanted my Momma's attention. If she was asleep and I wanted out - I would chomp my teeth together to wake her up. The only advice we can give you is just try to see what your dog is telling you. He is probably just trying to communicate.

Angel Roman answered on 9/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


lol Thats Ok It Means Your Dog Is Happy Its Called Bruxing .It Is What A Dog Does When He's Excited To Show That He Is Having Fun :) And Loving His Happy Life .

Member 722216 answered on 9/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer