Why does my dog poop in the house after i take him out side?

I just got a need dog. He is about 4 mouths old. I take him outside all the time but he will not poop outside. Hi will only poop in side. I hope you can help me. thanks

Asked by Member 922165 on Nov 24th 2009 in Puppies
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Because you let him. Why do you take him in before he defecates? Keep him out until he does, a bit or vigorous exercise will help. When you cannot supervise him crate him, restarin him in a smaller area with a hard surface floor. DON'T use newspapers unless you want him to ALWAYS use the house to do his business.
You are in charge, he should not be doing anything (should not have the opportunity) that you don't want him to. You need to realize you are the brains in the outfit.
Run him around when you take him out (NOT right after a big feed tho) and then give him a good brisk walk, not forgetting to stop where he shows interest. Bring a couple of goodies and use them ONLY when he goes, along with much praise. You can never praise a dog too much when he does the right thing, unlike people, dogs cannot be spoiled by too much praise, even if it sounds phony to you.

Member 901737 answered on 11/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Take it out on leash. Walk around. They can only walk and hold it so long. When it finally has to go, lavish praise on it.

When you are around you need to keep a close eye on the dog. Use closed doors or gates to keep it in the same room as you are, and perhaps as I do, a short chain fastened to the computer desk. If you catch it in the act, give it a sharp ''Ah, ah, ah!'' and take it out. When you can't watch it, crate it.

Also read what I have posted at

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Don't go inside until you see it happen. This is the part of potty training that a lot of people don't have the patience for.
Easiest way to make him go poop outside is just what the two posters above said-- take him outside on a leash and run or walk vigorously. And if he doesn't go in 15 minutes, then wait another 15.

Your dog has figured out that if he waits you out long enough, he's going to go poop where he wants and going inside is his preference right now.
You need to take charge, put a couple of layers on since it's cold out and walk, walk, walk. Exercise helps get everything moving.
If you've walked him for an hour but he hasn't pooped, don't go in. Keep going. He can't hold poop. He'll have to go and when he does, you praise, praise praise him. Make it seem as if he's won the doggy lottery. That way he'll associate going outside with a good positive experience.
Then you have to be consistent with it. If he went yesterday, but not today, it's because you came in too soon.

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