why does my dog lay on my dirty clothes?

Ok, i have three dogs, and when everyone is calm and me and my bf are watching tv all but one dog stays around. For some reason my young pit bull will go in my walk in closent and lay on my dirty clothes whenever all is calm. She never did before. I do have a chair she would always sit on until recently i cleaned the chair and put throw pillows on it. Could she be feeling out since she cant sit in her spot in the living room?

Asked by Member 1077157 on Dec 12th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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My dog does that when he can get to the dirty laundry and I make him get off the couch. I think they like it because it is comfy and it smells like their owner.

When you cleaned the chair, you probably changed the way it smelled to the dog, so she's just looking for another comfy place to be.

You will probably have to keep the closet door closed, or use a hamper with a lid, if you want to keep her out of the laundry. If you want her to stay out by you, maybe give her an old tshirt or blanket of yours that she can lay on where you watch tv.

Zack answered on 12/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Mine will also get my cloths out of a basket and lay on them. I had a smaller dog that would get in the basket with the cloths. The cloths are soft, better then the floor, and the smell of you helps to comfort them. It really is not a big deal , unless you do not want her on them.

Seth answered on 12/19/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer