Why does my dog growl and bite my boots so I can't walk

When I take my dog out to the bathroom, leash or no leash,
he will growl at me and bite my boots so I can't walk.

Asked by Member 1160778 on Mar 24th 2013 in Commands
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Who is in control?

If your dog is going out the door before you than he is. Make sure you always practice a sit stay before walking out the door. He must wait for you to say ok before leaving! When outside if he nips at you then you both go back in. Wait a couple of minutes and try again with him waiting for your ok to leave. This can take some time but it's well worth the effort to have a fun time outside with your little man.

If this doesn't work I would strongly recommend seeking help from a professional trainer in your area.

Monty answered on 3/27/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer