Why does my dog chew and scratch herself all of the time?

I've checked her for fleas/ticks and she's not been eating anything different from usual. Could it be something environmental or health related? She just started really chewing and scratching in the last week or so and it's literally keeping me up at night. She'll just stand around and scratch her belly or chew on her legs/feet. Her skin on the inside of her hind legs is really red and she has chewed two hot spots on her one hip. I've tried gving her oatmeal bathes and spraying her skin with some anti-itch spray and it'll help for a short while and then it will flare up again.

Asked by Audrey on Oct 21st 2007 in Chewing
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Ouch! It sounds painful.

Continue giving the oatmeal baths as often as you see necessary.

This sounds like an environmental allergy problem. Benedryl can help keep allergies under control for short periods of time, but your vet might need to administer steriods later on to keep her comfortable.

Keep your dog indoors and away from any type of plant or grass might also help calm down the scratching.

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Murphy doesn't really have fleas either and just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not there. She might have a flea allergy because he's the same way. He just digs and scratches and he's suffering from hair loss from it. Our groomer told us to just put him on some frontline and see what happens. It's only been a few days but I do notice the difference it's made already.

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Sheba is a 14 year old blue doberman. Every winter she goes through the chewing. We haven't found anything whatsoever that helps her. We have tried Oatmeal baths, different foods, allergy medications, but the only thing that works is the steroid shots. She just received one about a month and a half ago, and now it isn't working. Since she is 14, we may go ahead and give her another shot since it is about quality of life at this point in time. I hope you find out how to help Audrey!

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When we got Joey all he did was scatch at his hind legs and nip at his tail. It was so bad that he was pulling out his hair. After visit the vet and doing several skin scrapes, she determined that he had scabies (a mange). He is now on revolution - a flea medicine - as well as antibiotics for the scars cause by his scratching. It seems to help.

Good luck!

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Sounds like a food allergy.

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I live in Monmouth County NJ.My dog started with a wet dog smell on his bed two months ago.My vet localized the source comming from his ear.Cleaned and treated for mites.Seemed to have worked.Then a few weeks later he started uncontrollable scratching,which puzzled me.He was under routine vets care and recieved frontline treatments as schedualed.Vet kept telling me it was allergies from outside.All of a sudden he started to lick and chew his paws which rapidly acting like he was trying to rip his own nails out.I tried every know factor known to man by specialized antiseptic and hypo allergenic shampoos hydrocortizone treatments and also antibiotics both pill and creams given by his vet.After about 10 visits within one month period,I decided to switch vets.Its sad to say he was diagosed with staph.He seemed to be responding good for a few days with introvenous antibiotics,all of a sudden he turned for the worse.His kidneys started shutting down.
Rest in peace Chance I love and miss you

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