Why does my dog bite my legs or pantlegs when we are walking. He is 3 months old and is also leash biting

Asked by Deuce on Jul 11th 2008 Tagged biting in Behavior & Training
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I'm not sure why your dog is biting your legs, but when he does you could try a distraction to make him quit. Brittany bites the back of my legs when I run or go down stairs.

I think Brittany is trying to kill me, personally. Is it really biting or just nipping? Britt nips.

And the leash biting is it grabbing then letting go? Or holding onto it the entire walk (or most of it)? Brittany also did that as a puppy.

I think she did that because she was small and the leash annoyed her, and if she picked it up that would stop it from pulling her neck when we turned or I wanted to stop her.

She still does this when we run because running and then stopping chokes her. She also doesn't like how it hits her side when we run.

I hope I helped a little bit. Good Luck in getting the problem solved and answered!

answered on Jul 11th.

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Sadie did this when she was lil and she is 8 mounths and still does it. I wondered if it was them trying to get you to play with them. That might be it. Or to follow them. (my dogs like when i follow them somewhere i know it sounds weird but its so true) Well i have to go to work good luck. I got a spray bottle and sprayed her when she does or did it she does not do it much anymore....good luck and try the spray bottle (put cool water in it)

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