why does my best friend hate my dog?

I adopted a 4 year old Springer Spaniel a month ago. I have previously owned springer spaniels before and just adore them. My roommate and best friend has two dogs, a mixed breed and a beagle. He had no problem with me adopting the dog to begin with. At first, he loved my dog, Honey. But slowly, he started hating and resenting her. Her only bad habbit is getting into the trash when she is left home alone (and there is no doubt in my mind the other 2 dogs join in.) Recently, I noticed him shooing my dog, leaving her outside in the pen and generally ignoring her. He also told my boyfriend he hated my dog, he would beat her if it were his and she has "ruined his furniture with hair." Okay... his dogs are not house trained, they pee and poop all over, all hours of the day. They bark excessively, jump, claw... my dog does none of this. What is the deal? Why is he resenting my dog? I've decided to move out, mainly because it's my dog over anyone... but I'd like some sort of answer.

Asked by Member 1197014 on Oct 31st 2013 in Bringing Your Pet Home
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