Why does a dog stare at feet and either lick or act like wants to bite the feet, growls?

My dog will stare at my 10yr son feet. He puts his nose touching feet/sox/shoes, will growl lightly if son pushes dog away, usually licks his feet and has nipped. What or why? He doesn't do this to 5 other family members. What methods will work to break it, from our point of contact? We aren't right there maybe a couple feet away or across the room? I feel like somehow my son has reinforced behavior, or we have. Is he challenging him/play/aggressive? Dog will respond to short stop commands with us, has plenty of toys/balls/bones, gets loads attention. He has on rare occasions also done this to the 2 older kids but continually does it to our youngest 10yr old. Is this just a pack behavior? It looks scary when he does this, although I don't think it is dangerous. However, I don't know. My response is to stand up and give the dog a direct short stop command "AAA".. walking over and body blocking the dog away with my legs when necessary. The dog will immediately go back to his regular happ

Asked by Member 1033296 on May 9th 2011 Tagged lickfeet, starefeet, growlkid in Dogs & Kids
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?more info

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Meant to add more info. but hit enter..
dog will immediately go back to his regular happy self.

we just don't know how to curb this and what my son can do since he's not good at the assertive firm approach with the dog. or what other choice we have as a bystander. the dog doesn't do this in response to any immediate aggression on my son's part. and when he does the staredown, he's staring at my son's feet, nose to shoe, and is completely focused. it is true that the dog doesn't encounter other dogs everyday, but does live with 2 cats and 5 ferrets. we all love the dog tremendously. but this has been occuring for a while and we've googled it to no help.

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