Why do Maltese dogs stick there tongue out all the time..also she is 4 lbs and she attacks people when they come in..

Asked by Member 1157720 on Mar 2nd 2013 in Products & Tools
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If your dog's tongue is always hanging out that usually indicates a problem with their mouth, usually when the top jaw doesn't meet the lower one correctly. It can also be the result of missing teeth. It is usually a genetic problem and this dog should never be bred to prevent it from continuing in her offspring.
As for the "attacking" guests... I would strongly suggest you contact a certified behaviorist and get working on this before she ends up seriously injuring someone and you get sued. In the mean time, I would make sure she was either crated or shut in another room when guests arrive. All it will take is one serious bite, especially to a child, and you will be liable for all costs of treatment, etc., even if you don't get sued.

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