why are there SCABS on my dog's forehead ONLY?

hi there, i have an almost 2 year old male golden retriever who recently, suddenly has a bunch of little to medium sized, and are basically only on his forehead, yesterday a few new little bumps appeared around his neck... but there aren't any on his body. he is active, happy, bouncy energy, and gorgeous coat as always... the scabs are not noticeable if you look at him, but if you scratch his head or rub his scalp you can feel them. i can't figure it out! no change in diet or environment. stopped frontline plus a few month's ago because he is allergic.... he plays in a fenced yard with a few other much smaller dogs are older. it's been like this for only a week, and his living situation/lifestyle has been stable, as described for a year... any ideas please?

Asked by Charlie on Apr 15th 2010 Tagged scabs, head in Health & Wellness
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I would call your vet and see what they say. It kinda sounds like it is just dry skin. But i'm know expert. It could also be somekind of allergy.

Diesel answered on 4/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


He may have gotten some bug bites, or rubbed in some type of thorny bush. PETfection makes some fantastic products you can use to get of them and bugs! Their products are 100% Organic and Non Toxic. For the bumps... you could use their Puppy Suds Shampoo followed with Hot Spots/Wound Spray, or Deodorizer/Allergy Spray. The sprays will reduce inflammation and heal up any type of bump/rash/scratch/etc. and they are both antibacterial and will keep infection out. Because he is allergic to frontline, they do offer a Bug Spray you can use daily or as needed. It is definitley worth checking out. You can find them at Good luck, hope this helps!

Wyatt answered on 4/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer