White spot on the eye!

My pet Gucci has a white spot on the eye - not as big as the eye, but not very small either - you can see the spot when you are looking at him from the side - the eyes are clear when you look at him straight in to the eye. He is 10 years and 3 months old. He is a breed unknown. Has no obedience training or anything.

My sister noticed that when we walk him, he does not notice cars until they are coming very close. I am not sure about this because he stays with my parents and i live elsewhere with my husband. What do I do? Is he going blind? Is there a possibility of him not losing the vision? I am afraid how he would survive loss of vision.

And, for the last 2-3 weeks, he has been having ear infection - it was smelly. My mom took him to the vet and he gave some tablets and drops. ears are getting better now. could they be related to the eye? i don't know. he is our first dog. (and will be our only dog also)

Please help.

Asked by Gucci on Jun 23rd 2009 Tagged eyes in Senior Pet
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It sounds like a cararact. He needs to see a vet to confirm that even though it's not an emergency. Dogs do very well with diminished eyesight, but you still need to know what is going on.

Lily answered on 6/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer