I was wondering, how long should a dog bleed after whelping?

Lechita had her babies early tuesday morning to tuesday afternoon. She is passing blood still although much less as the days go by. How long should she be passing blood and clots. I have looked this up and have gotten mixed responses, would like to hopefully hear from any breeders or people experienced with whelping.

Asked by Lechita on Sep 21st 2007 in Pregnancy
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Hi, Cocoa here, I woofed you the day about the bleeding. I have had a reddish discharge for a month now, so Mom took me to the vet yesterday, after examineing me he said sometimes small dogs that have large litters will have the discharge longer than normal. Mom was a bit worried that maybe I had a dead fetus, so she was relieved that was not the case. The vet said usually 2 weeks but not strange to go 3 weeks. He also asked about the amount of food and water I consume, said he would worry if I started not eating and would drink more than normal. Hope this helps

Cocoa answered on Sep 25th.

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Usually a couple of weeks. Some less, some longer and sometimes it is light and other times a little heavier. It just depends on the dog.. It's just a human mom..Lots of cleaning out to be done by mother nature;-)

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