While walking our greyhound on leash he will all of a sudden 'put the brakes on' and we cannot get him to walk anymore.

We've tried bribery, pushing, pulling--no results, It is at a point we're afraid to go on any walks not knowing when he will do this and we will be 'stuck' there. We have tried a harness, etc. He has no medical issues and he's 2 ys old. He runs like the wind in our back yard so I don't think anything hurts. It doesn't seem to be 'distraction' or fear. We have even tried walking him with another dog whom he adores and it still happened halfway through the walk. WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO!! I really want to be able to take walks with him. Thanks

Asked by Member 1059490 on Sep 27th 2011 Tagged greyhoundwalking in Travel & Recreation
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The greyhound, like my salukis are both sight hounds. They like to chase things, it is just part of their nature. I know mine would really get excited and move if they had something to go after. We would see someone else walking in the distance, and we always wanted to catch up with them. Is it possible for one of you to run when the dog stops and see if they want to chase you? Feel free to paw mail me if you want to talk about this more or have other questions about sighthounds.

Ikan answered on 9/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer