Which dog is a better dog to have for a 12 year old girl a toy fox terrier or a miniature dachshund?

i cant decide which one i would like to get because me dog just recently pasted away and i need another dog to help me heal.

Asked by Member 993068 on Jun 19th 2010 in Cross Breeds
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Shiver Me Timbers

I gotta be honest with you. That is one of the worst reasons to get another dog, right in there with getting one to keep your dog company because you don't have the time for it. It's unfair to put it on another dog to help you heal. You need to find a way to heal and move on yourself, before you get another dog. It's simply not fair to expect another dog to fill that void.

Shiver Me Timbers "Charlie" answered on 6/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

The Wee Beasties

The kind of dog you get depends on the maturity of the child. Generally small dogs are not good for small children, but by 12 years old, most of the concerns should be a moot point unless the 12 year old is very immature. Regardless, since the adult(s) of the family will be responsible for the dog, then it should be ultimately up to the adult to make the decision. Both breeds are terriers and can be stubborn and difficult to train so consistency in training is important.

The Wee Beasties answered on 6/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Honestly, any dog can be a good dog with children, especially if you train and socialize your dog.

Why not get a mixed breed at an animal shelter or rescue?

It's not about the breed, look, or style of the dog, all that matters is if the dog fits in with your lifestyle and if it is a good dog for you.

Dachshunds are better with older children. Dachshunds can be snappy and aggressive, especially if not trained and socialized well.

Toy Fox Terriers are okay with children as long as they are trained and socialized well. Children should be friendly, easy, and play nicely with the dog, including any other animal you get.

Like I said, look at animal shelters or rescues around your area and look for a dog there.

Every dog will turn out different, all dogs are not the same. Every dog has a different attitude, look, and they are all different.

Member 930032 answered on 6/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Both breeds are great I grew up with both I have both breeds right now!! My Dachshunds loves to travel was easy to house tain. My Toy fox terrier is loveing little dog but she hates to travel and is a bit of a nerves dog.She was also easy to train. I very sorry about you other dog. I think it helps a lot to bring in a new dog.

Member 758309 answered on 6/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Getting a dog to "help you heal" is NOT the reason to get another dog. You get another dog because you WANT another dog and are READY for another dog.

Aside from the reason for another dog, you need to research your dog breeds prior to getting another dog. My suggestion would be to look at your local shelters and rescues. Is it imperative that you have a specific breed? There are so many wonderful mixed breeds (and purebreds) in shelters all across the country that are desperate for a loving family. They did nothing wrong to be there.

Dachshunds can be flighty, snippy, and aggressive sometimes. They are not the dog for everyone, no matter how tiny and cute they may look.

Toy fox terriers are high strung and need a "job" to keep them busy, or you will have a piece of work on your hands. They are terriers, which means anything from hyper, yappy, diggers, etc.

Please don't get a dog to fulfill a void or for a young child. A dog is a big decision for EVERYONE

McKayla answered on 6/21/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer