where can you get a dog that is specally trained to help people with panic attacks

i have a bad phobia that when im home alone i here people in my house even though i have 14 dogs none of them really help me calm down since they are outside dogs no matter what my family says i hear stuff being moved such as bags and trash cans and there arent any bags or trash cans near the dogs after that i start to get to where ever little noise is either someone talking (even though i dont have the tv on) then it gets to where i here people going through the house looking for something and now i cant stand to go anywhere in the dark without someone i know or trust with me then i start to hyper venalate and me mom says i need to stop reading my books but my books have nothimg like that in them and i dont watch shows or monies that have that stuff in them so i dont know why i do that and sometimes when i bring my moms pit in to give her a bath i calm down for a little while but then she doesnt even pay attion to stuff around her and it makes it even worse

Asked by Member 1127832 on Aug 31st 2012 in Service & Therapy Dogs
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