where can I find a "No jump" dog harness

My grand dog is a frisky Black Lab (her name is Lola Furlana) with too much time on her paws and a constant smile on her face. She has regular exercise, and weekly play dates with other dogs She can jump quite high and fences are NO obstacle to her. We heard of a No jump harness that is comfortable and effective. Anyone know where we can order one? Her present four foot fence is nothing to her and we want her to be safe?

Asked by Member 1104380 on Apr 5th 2012 Tagged jumping, harnesses, behavior, safety, education, restraints in Jumping Up
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I checked out Amazon and found some, so if you just want to go to and type in "No Jump Harness" I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for (They looked fairly inexpensive too)... A really weird method that's supposed to work that I have heard: hanging a sturdy stick horizontally around the dog's neck [so the stick is right about level with her chest] works... I guess when the dog tries to jump, she'd get immediately discouraged from it because she'd hit her legs on the stick. Doesn't hurt the dog at all though. I have no clue on how well it would work, never had a jumping problem with my dogs [when they're confined, they're in kennels or on a cable-run tough.]

Good luck! :)

Shasta answered on 4/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer