where can I drop off my 11yr old black & white cat, that I can no longer keep?

Asked by Member 1069774 on Nov 10th 2011 in Shelters & Rescue
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Bruno CGC

Call your local animal control. If they don't take cats they may recommend someone who can. Or use to look up local shelters and rescues in your area.

Keep in mind, cats have a low, low, adoption rate in shelters. Most of them end up being put to sleep, except for cute little kittens (and even they aren't safe.) "No-kill" shelters often have a long waiting list for new animals to get in because they don't free up space by killing. You might be better off asking your family and friends if any of them can take her, or (sad thought) having her put to sleep yourself to save her the stress of being caged in a shelter to await the inevitable.

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