When will my siberian husky deliver her puppies?

We think our Siberian Husky is pregnant and shes not due to have them for about another two weeks but she started leaking clear fluid yesterday. Is she going to have them within a couple days or will she be okay for a couple weeks?

Asked by Mya on Oct 3rd 2011 in Pregnancy
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What does your vet say? i assume you have taken her in for prenatal care? Oh wait, you say you only "think" she is pregnant. I also hope you have put aside money for a possible c-section, or the myriad of problems that can arise during whelping?
I hope this was an accidental pregnancy, as at 9 months your beautiful girl is still a puppy herself & should not have been bred until she was 2..with all the requisite health testing.
Sounds like you do not know much about breeding, so PLEASE take this gal to the vets ASAP to have her checked out & ask your vet, not on-line strangers all your questions.
Good luck & I hope all goes well.

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I agree with Wiley, please take her to the vet to see what is going on!

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Now, think about you REALLY think any of us can tell you whether or not your dog will be okay WITHOUT SEEING THE DOG???? Even if we WERE veterinarians, we could not determine if your dog was fine or not without giving her an exam, certainly not something that can be done thru the internet.
PLEASE... although you apparently did not do the right thing in allowing your 8 month old baby to get bred, at least take proper care of her now and get her to a veterinarian so she can be examined and treated if something is wrong. There is no way puppies born two weeks early can survive, so yes, this IS considered an emergency, especially if she hasn't already had any prenatal checkups or at the very least an ultrasound, both basic requirements when responsibly caring for a pregnant dog.

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ok now this must of been a ccident and if you dog is prenant and you think in two weeks let see if t=you have signs. Her teats (boobies) with get big and will be filled with milk, She also will get large in the belly so this is the first signs but the liqiud you say could be the fluid around the pups NOW I AM ASSUMEING she IS pregnant now. The fluid if clar and just running and you are sure it is not pee then you need to take your dog to a vet a pup can be to big to come out or one could be breached or I never seen this but I think she could be having a false pregnacy.
You seen her locked up I assume if not and she has not been near a male then what would make you think she is pregnant. There is not enough info here but naybe a little more info. I am not a vet but have brithed many pups. and Have had one dog go to the vet for a stuck pup. yup asap to the vet only way to be sure of all of this.


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