When will I know my dog is out of heat?

I have a male and a female that I plan on breeding but this is my female's first heat so she is not mature yet. I am keeping the dogs separated but I am not sure when it is safe for them to be around each other again. All the research I have done points to the signs to look for when your dog is going into or is in heat but nothing tells you when they are done.

Asked by Member 607161 on Mar 13th 2008 Tagged heat in Pregnancy
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Gray Dawn Treader

When they stop flagging their tail when you pet them just above it, I think.
Your female won't be mature enough to breed until she is 2 years old. Really, I think that you need to do MUCH more research before you even get into breeding.
It's great that you are researching already, but please don't rush things. Don't breed your dogs until you have studied thoughoughly for at least 2 years.
This is probably basic, but maybe there are some things which this article covers that you don't know yet:

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Please just don't breed them at all. There are thousands of dogs already born who still need homes. Help them instead of adding to the problem.

~Sophie~ answered on 3/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer

Bear and Bambi - Mommys Angels

The general rule is : 7 days coming in, 7 days ready to breed, 7 days going out. Total of 21 days. You will need to keep them seperated at least that long. As the first poster stated you should not breed until your female is 2 yrs. old, do your research, know EVERYTHING you need to know about your breed, breeding, what to expect, vet costs, etc. Good Luck!!

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i hate to disagree with others but its really your choice if u will breed them or not. it is difficult to (not sound discusting) but when dogs mate and the male inserts his penis in the females vagina, the penis swell inside and then they are tied.after giving birth and mating, wait a few weeks or take a dog to the vet. then they will tell u if shes done her first heat. females love the male so much that after they have sex (mate) she will not except another males idea to mate her.

finding out if she has done her first heat can be difficult so use your wits about ur self.

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Heat cycles run about 3 weeks beginning to end...But if you are asking questions like this on the internet you need responsible mentor...You can find one by contacting your breed parent club.
There is a lot more to breeding healthy & sound dogs than putting a male & female together!
Check this out!
& this!
& I disagree with the guest that answered...Though you are right it is the owners choice...That doesn't make it right...It could be my choice to feed my dogs crappy food & not take them to the vet not vaccinate, etc...But that does NOT make it RIGHT!

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I don't have the answer to your question. I suspect the 7+7+7=21 days answer is correct. But, Guest has some misconceptions you need to reconsider. 1) a female in heat does not 'love' the dog she mates with. It's simple biological sexual drive & it's as strong in the female as in the male, if the time is right. 2) A female can & will mate with as many males as are available at that time. 3) A litter of pups can have more than one father. I have managed to buy 2 dogs who were not fathered by the dog the bitch was breed to. A Husky/GSD turned out to be a Husky/Basenji. The mother was breed to the GSD, but the family also owned a intact Basenji. Mia's mother was breed to a Malamute/Husky to produce 3/4 Husky/ 1/4 Mal mixes. But a Husky/wolf from a neighboring farm jumped the fence & I got the result. Illegal, but it happened. Three of the pups Sasha had before her rescue were fathered by a GSD & 2 by a black lab. Lots of things to consider before you bring more pups into the world.

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Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!!

the proper answer is they can be bred between their 10th thru 14th days.But it can vary a few days longer.They normally stay in heat from 3 to 4 weeks,well this is theiir time that they will have discharge.Some dogs are shorter ans some dogs are longer.Larger breeds tend to bleed longer and smaller dogs tend to breed shorter times.
You are welcome to look this up or it may be best to speak with your Vet before you even decide to breed.Your dog may not be of breed standard and may not be a good canidate for breeding.What breed is your dog?
As you cann see from my dogs profiles I have a dog that is a show dog a finished Champion might I add,and I choose not to breed because there are to many unwanted dogs in the shelters that die every year. As a matter of fact 9 MILLION PETS DIED IN 2007 AS A RESULT OF NOT ENOUGH HOMES IN THE US. PLEASE DON'T ADD TO THIS NUMBER FOR 2008.younever know when one of your puppies or their pups will end up a number!!

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My answer is short and sweet ....
Remember 'JOL' ~ Just one litter is one too many instead get them spyaed and nutered and ADOPT a animal instead of breeding them, very slim chance all of them will find loveing caring homes for their ENTIRE lives. I also disagree with the guest who asnwered. I hope you choice the rihgt choice. I hope someone can make it more clearer then me.


~ courtsey of

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