When a dog is neutered can it get stuck with a female dog that is in heat?

My dad has a dog that he had neutered. My dog is in heat, but I let her run a little with my dad's dog because I know he can't et her pregnant, but they got stuck together toay. Are male dogs suppose to be able to so that after they get neutered?

Asked by Desirae on Nov 28th 2008 Tagged male, neutered, stuck, female in Other Behavior & Training
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My small mixed dog is 2 and was neutered when I got him from the shelter. However that didnt stop him from mounting my roommates sheltie! I called the vet to see what I should do, and they said whatever I do DONT try and pull them apart! They said that its normal and they will become unstuck in about 15-20 minutes and sure enough they did. I dont know why, but they do that! Its perfectly common and normal for a neutered dog to still mount and/or hump other dogs.

answered on Nov 28th.

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Well dogs do retain the glands at the base of the penis that swell during intercourse and cause the tie to happen. You might see them emerge when dogs get excited for various reasons.

I didn't think that neutered dogs would attempt to mount a dog in heat because the gonadal hormones are gone, and I would think the urge to reproduce would be gone, too. How long ago was the male dog neutered? It's possible that if it's recently then maybe some of the hormones are still in his body. I really don't know.

TK, CGC answered on 11/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

It is entirely possible. Unless the dog was neutered less than a month ago, it shouldn't result in any puppies.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 11/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer