What's your favorite good quality dry dog food and why? I need Help!

What's your favorite good quality dry dog food and why?

I've tried Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Merrick, Natures Variety (got the bad batch that was recalled) even homemade (liked it best but can't do it every time). Keep going back to Wellness. Been looking for info online but it gets overwhelming. Petco/Petsmart are no help, they say everything (even the cheap stuff) is good. I'd like dog food that gets all their ingredients in the US AND is made in US. Would also like organic. Is this possible?

Either way, what does everyone else like for their K9 kids?

Asked by Member 1130319 on Sep 11th 2012 Tagged dogfood, organic, usa, dryfood in Pet Food
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I personally would go for Orijen or Arcana if you want kibble (they are Canadian but wonderful quality). Otherwise I would go prey model raw.

For reviews, try:

Obi answered on 9/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My sister and I, 6 yr old havanese bichon (10 lbs) and 5 year old shihtzu yorkie (9 lbs) love Blue Buffalo (adult breed), Chicken and brown rice. It is natural and holistic. We free feed all day and night because it's filling so we eat less. Mom puts 2/3 cup in our bowls almost twice per day sometimes once per day. A 40 lb bag goes a really long way, she buys maybe 3 bags per year plus we eat treats non stop that are healthy, too, and drink a lot of water. It's not good to keep switching brands, so try going back to BB, switch the food slowly to aid the digestion. We have a friend (shiba inu) that ate whatever it was that her mom was eating, always healthy,like chicken or fish, and she lived a long healthy life, but that is risky, dogs should eat foods made for canines. Maybe your baby needs to exercise more to build up an appetite. Good luck.

Darcy answered on 9/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


We use the Nutro ultra. It is made in the united states in the Nutro factory. Not one that is sub contracted out like so many others. They also do 600 tests each day on the food to make sure it is safe. Meat us the first ingredient. And it has 12 supper foods in the mix. Mire then both blue and wellness have

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Fromm is a great food to feed, learn more about Fromm at

Most of the Fromm foods are grain free which is a plus for any dog. Dogs don't need grains in their diet.

Fromm is one of the best dog foods that you can feed to your dog. There's many different formulas to choose from which makes it easy to choose the perfect one for your dog.

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