What's wrong with a 10 week old puppy with diarrhea/runny poop, otherwise fine??

We have a 10 week old puppy, he's a purebred labrador. We have had him for just over 4 weeks now. He eats the Pedigree Puppy food and has been since we got him....he seems normal, plays, chases, chews (LOL), etc but has had runny poop for the past few days....I am concerned?! Is he okay or should he see his vet?? I took him in at about age 7 weeks to be dewormed....could this still be a problem?? he weighs about 14 lbs.

Asked by Member 520046 on Oct 22nd 2007 in Health & Safety
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I would definitely take him to the vet.

Even though he has been wormed already, there's still a chance he could have worms, or that he has a different parasite. It's not entirely uncommon in puppies. You will want to bring a stool sample to the vet with you to be tested for parasites.

Another cause for runny poop in dogs can be what you're feeding them. I'm not a big fan of Pedigree or other grocery store brand foods because they have a very high amount of grains - sometimes they contain more than 60% grains. Grains are not natural nor needed in a dog's diet, but they're a cheap way for manufacturers to boost protein content and amount of food at a cheap price. You may try switching to a grain-free food, or at least a food with less grains (one source of grains in the top 5 ingredients on the nutrition panel!). Since he's a large breed pup, it's also safe to put him on an adult food.

Also, you can add a bit of plain canned pumpkin to his meals. This helps regulate digestion.

Abby answered on Oct 22nd.

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It's entirely possible that he may have worms, especially since it seems he has no other symptoms. I know it sounds gross, but have you been examining the poo to see if there are any worms in it (dead or alive)? When Shinji was a pup he pooped out worms, which while gross and disturbing, let us know what was wrong. My vet told me before that sometimes the initial deworming doesn't get all of them, and a secondary dose is sometimes required. In addition to that, has he gotten into the trash or anything? Has he been given people food (even a little)? Puppies have really sensitive stomachs, so any change in diet can cause diarrhea. Stress and overexcitement can also be the cause. What concerns me is that you said it's been happening for "a few days." I would definitely get him to a vet, or at least call your vet, just to be safe. I hope he feels better soon. Good luck!

Shinji answered on 10/22/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer