what to do when your dog is having puppies

what do you do when your schnauzer is having puppies

Asked by Member 983740 on Apr 26th 2010 in Puppies
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Well BEFORE she has them you need to read all you can about assisting the mother and helping make sure the babies will survive. There are a million things that can go wrong... there is not nearly enough space here to list them all. Soo, google "whelping in dogs" and start reading. Hopefully you have a warm, safe, private area for her to have them in, and have plans already in place to make sure she is not left alone with them during the first week or so.

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Well, if your dog is haveing puppies, it could happen anytime. The best common answer would be about 1 month or so. Make the dog feel like there is nothings different because she is pregnant with pups. She will be more comfortable until the pups are born.

Dogs don't have cravings like people, but you may have to feed them a little more or a little less based on how your dog reacts to pregnncy. Most tend to eat more but others are different! The breed doesn't matter much so don't worry about that.

Just make sure she is comfortable. If this was not a planned or controled pregnancy, it is OKAY! The number of puppies could be from 5-9. Sometimes less, but that's if you are lucky! When she does finally go into labor, she's giving birth to quite a few pups so it may take about 5 or 6 hours. Who knows? It could be longer! This advice could come in handy! I hope you are excited for the new puppies! Find them a good home if not to stay with you! I hope you found this helpful!
Dolce! :)

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You should seek advice from a reputable breeder mentor and/or your veterinarian. Knowing the signs of whelping complications could be the difference of life or death for the Mom and her litter.
Mocha's whelping complications resulted in the stillbirth of her first puppy. The emergency veterinary care that saved Mocha and her remaining four puppies lives cost more than 1k.

You should have your dog acclimated to a whelping box and check her temperature at least two times a day. It will drop below 99 degrees 12 to 24 hours before she whelps. She will likely begin panting, nesting, and whimpering. If a puppy does not appear within an hour of when she begins pushing or there is not a placenta per puppy, you will need to seek immediate veterinary care.

Again, you should seek advice from a reputable breeder mentor and/or your veterinarian about additional signs of complications.

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Pamela       -    Adopted!!!!

See your Vet and ask lots of questions.

Allowing a dog to have puppies is not something to be taken lightly. Just like humans, pregnancy can be stressful, uncomfortable, exhausting and threaten the health or life of the mother and puppies.

I should be done by an educated professional breeder not a novice dog owner.

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well befor she gives birth she will hide in dark spaces might maon and her nipples will get swolen and her tummy will drop you should have some think that will suck out the stuff on there noeses and mouth let the mother lick them then cut of the little sack and drie them off trust me i have dilvered 3 littlers of 6 pups each . good luck

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