What to do if dog is impaled in mouth by stick?

My 1-yr-old dog was running with a stick in her mouth at the park today. The end of the stick got stuck in the ground as she was running and it ended up impaling her in the mouth. There was blood on the end of the stick and I immediately checked her mouth for signs of injury, but was unable to see any blood coming from the roof of her mouth, teeth, cheeks, gums, etc. which leads me to believe that the stick may have gouged her in the back of her throat. She didn't yelp and doesn't seem to be in any pain now, but she is licking/smacking and appears to be swallowing a lot. She drank some water and sucked on some ice chips, but has not eaten any food. I am worried that there may be an injury where I can't see and don't want to risk her getting an infection. Should I take her to the vet? Please help!

Asked by Member 1047254 on Aug 21st 2011 in Emergencies & First Aid
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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

Take her to the emergency vet asap! Good Luck!

Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12) answered on 8/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer