What to do about a puppy that is growling at me when I pick her up?

My 10 week old lab mix growls at me sometimes when I lift her over the gate to bring her back into my office after a potty or play break. She also does it sometimes when I am just going to pick her up?

I have a kid, and a baby on the way and am worried about this slightly aggressive behavior. Help!

Asked by Member 803280 on Feb 11th 2009 Tagged aggression, growling, puppy in Behavior & Training
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Sir Damian the Beast

So sorry to hear that your having this problem. i had a very similar problem with my cane corso puppy when he first came to live with me. i think it is more of a fear issue, you are bigger than her, and when you lean over her to pick her up it is frightening to her and she growls, puppies do these things for many reasons, sometimes they see you as a littermate, and will growl and bite you, but to me your problem sounds as if she is just growling out of fear not knowing what else to do. she may not have been handled problerly before you got her, that was the issue with my boy, he was never handled at all, and he was terrified of humans. he has outgrown it, but with a large breed dog you must fix this problem now so it will be resolved before they are too big to handle, i would practice with her, reassure her that your not going to hurt her, when she doesnt growl, give good treats and praise, practice being close with her, get her trust, and the issue may resolve itself. good luck !

Sir Damian the Beast answered on 2/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with Sir Damian. I would also get her checked out at the vet just to be safe, sometimes a dog will growl if they are in pain, there's always the possibility that it hurts when you pick her up.

Kolbe answered on 2/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer